Team Stachekrieg

We hope you know this means war.


noun: \STASH•krēg\

1: Moustache War



Team Stachekrieg is an elite fighting force comprised of seasoned facial hair veterans. We are men who haven’t seen our faces in years, some in decades. We have come together as a unit to fight for the cause of men’s health. We are doing battle with the silent killer; silence. For years men have been quiet about the very real threats that are testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental illness.

We are shaving off our regal, manly whiskers only to grow them anew, rising from the stubble in glorious moustaches in order to raise funds and awareness for the cause of men’s health.

Team Stachekrieg hopes you know that this means war.


  • I am a cancer survivor with a great life. Now I have a chance to help others live through and get beyond cancer.- Eric
  • I am doing this to honor my friend Joe Rodden who died of prostate cancer this year.- Joe G
  • Our overall health strategies need to include our “taking things in hand” and being aware of the risk for testicular, prostate & colon cancers. - Frank